Sunday, January 17, 2010

Maya Eventov Paintings

A gallery in the area is moving to a smaller location and has to liquidate a lot of their pieces. Because I know the owners I was allowed to come by the gallery and pick out anything I wanted at a discount. I found these amazing pieces by an artist named Maya Eventov.

I walked around the gallery for quite awhile and kept coming back to these. They're so "alive" to me and spoke to me on a very deep level. It's obvious by my own artwork that trees hold a special place with me. I couldn't decide which one, so I took both out on approval. I tried them on different walls to see if they would even work anywhere. I would walk around the house trying to decide which one to keep and in the end couldn't decide. So, I kept them both.

We haven't had any real direction for our Master Bedroom and these fit perfectly. Now we have something to pull inspiration from. One is already hanging in the bedroom, while the more vibrant one is hanging in the kitchen - the colors and size are perfect!

Every time I come around the corner and see one of them I smile. They're beautiful pieces with beautiful energy. The colors and texture in each one gives it so much depth that it feels like it's real - like you could touch the painting and become a part of it. Ok, I know this all sounds cheesy - especially for me, but I'm realizing it's hard to put into words how these paintings make me feel.


Lisa said...

You are not cheesy, I get the same way with art. They are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I bought an Evantov birch painting last fall, and I still am mesmerized by it. Here I am Googling Maya Evantov, as if I have nothing else to do! We live on the edge of a nature preserve in Wisconsin and are trying to blur the line between outdoors and indoors. This painting definitely helps take you outdoors.

Amna said...

You're sooo lucky you own one!! I love her pieces, but cant afford them at the moment :(
But I know what you mean about the feeling. It made me feel soooo peaceful and happy!